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photographing wildlife in the Cairngorms

10 Top Tips for Photographing Wildlife in the Cairngorms National Park

With today’s mobile phone technology, anyone can capture amazing wildlife moments on camera. But often the trickiest challenge is spotting the wildlife in the first place and so, to up your chances, it’s a good idea to have an expert on hand (see this blog for why you might hire a wildlife guide). In May, […]

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Wildlife guide in the Cairngorms

Why Get A Wildlife Guide?

Hundreds of visitors flock to the Cairngorms National Park every year hoping to spot some of the spectacular, rare wildlife that make a home here. The Park, for instance, boasts more breeding farmland waders than the whole of Wales, eight per cent of the UK’s total capercaillie population and 25 per cent of the UK’s […]

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wildlife spotting in the Cairngorms in Summer

Wild about Wildlife – how and what wildlife to spot in the Spring

As the Park celebrates its fantastically diverse nature at the ‘BIG Weekend’ event on 10-12 May, we asked local Cairngorms wildlife experts for their top spotting tips in May/June. Nesting Birds The summer migrants are back so nesting birds, such as the visiting Ring Ouzel, Snow Bunting, Ptarmigan and the Dotterel, can be found in […]

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Spotting Wildlife In The Cairngorms

After a long cold winter, Spring has sprung in the Cairngorms National Park!  Along with the warmer weather, leaves have started to grow on the trees and the snowdrops and crocuses are finally out! Not only is it us humans who realise there’s a change, the wildlife do too and with over 25% of the […]

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Itinerary: Wildlife Watching

If you’re looking for the special flora and fauna of Scotland, then the Cairngorms National Park is the place to come. Be it herds of Red Deer sweeping across the skyline, intimate encounters with Black Grouse and Pine Marten, majestic Golden Eagles, the delicate Twinflower, or just the ability to experience a huge variety of […]

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stargazing in the Cairngorms

Stargazing in the Cairngorms National Park

Winter and its run-up, with its colder, crisp, dark nights which draw in earlier, is many a stargazer’s favourite season.  Astronomy enthusiast Robert Lenfert from Stonehaven, whose preferred star-spotting location is the Cairngorms, describes winter as “observing season” because the darkness gives us so much time to enjoy this magical pastime and to get familiar […]

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hidden gems of the Cairngorms

Hidden gems of the Cairngorms off the beaten track

We are really looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the Cairngorms National Park. We’ve missed you; as we showed in our recent video, it’s not been the same without you. We understand that visitors returning for the first time may feel a bit of trepidation. They may, understandably, want to avoid any of the […]

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Cairngorms adventure transport

9 of the most adventurous ways to see the Cairngorms 

A major reason why holiday-makers love the Cairngorms, and return year after year, is for its scenery and landscape. But another popular reason is for adventure.  Why not combine the two and choose an adventurous mode of transport in order to take in the stunning scenery? Here are some ideas. By Canoe/Kayak Seeing the Cairngorms […]

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Cairngorms walks

When is the best time to visit the Cairngorms National Park?

The Cairngorms is genuinely a year-round destination, for which every season has its own unique charm. That’s why, for example, BBC television’s Flagship nature ‘Watch’ programmes have filmed SpringWatch, AutumnWatch and WinterWatch here in the last year. Read on to find out what highlights to expect with each season.   SPRING Wildlife Watching Spring is […]

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The Green Loch, Glenmore

Super ‘Scottish’ things to do on your trip to the Cairngorms National Park

People who visit the Cairngorms, particularly from outside the UK, often love to do uniquely ‘Scottish’ activities when they come to the National Park. So, to help you channel your inner Braveheart/Highlander and live like a local, we’ve put together a list of authentically Scottish things to do when you’re here.   1. Take a […]

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Christmas in the Cairngorms

Top 10 ways to feel festive in the Cairngorms National Park

There is nowhere more festively fun to spend the run up to the big day than the Cairngorms. With so many things to do, it can be hard to know where to start so we’ve picked 10 highlights but be sure to also check out our entire listings, as this is only scratching the surface! […]

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October Holidays in the Cairngorms

Our top picks for your tattie (October) holidays in the Cairngorms

In Scotland we call the October half-term the ‘tattie holidays’ because, in the past, this was the time when pupils were let off school to go out and help pick the annual potato yield in the fields. Luckily for them, tattie holidays are much less about hard work and much more about having fun these […]

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Cairngorms Munros

15 More of the Best Munros to climb in the Cairngorms National Park

You can ‘Munro bag’ at any time of year, as long as you have the right equipment and knowledge, but October is a particularly good time for this increasingly popular pursuit. “With the Autumn light, the magnificent changing colours and the sound of the red deer stags roaring, October can be a wonderful time for […]

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Top 25 History Picks In The Cairngorms

The Badenoch Valley is a hotbed of history and, to showcase many of the points of interest in the Cairngorms, this month sees the launch of our first heritage festival on 6-22 September (see more below). “There’s real buzz around Badenoch when it comes to history at the moment,” says Oliver O’Grady, project officer for […]

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7 of the Best Family-Friendly Hill Walks in the Cairngorms

It’s official! According to new scientific research, being in nature makes kids happier and healthier, particularly when it comes to their mental health. But we knew that anyway, didn’t we? Teacher and author of The Mountains Are Calling: Running in the High Places of Scotland, Jonny Muir, says family walks are a great way to build […]

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15 of the best runs in the Cairngorms National Park

Maybe you’ve signed up to a sporting challenge and need to train while you’re on holiday in the Cairngorms, or maybe you’re just a running enthusiast and looking for an insider’s guide on where to run. Either way, the National Park is arguably the trail running capital of the UK, with routes to suit every […]

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rabbie burns

Trace Robert Burns’ Footsteps In The Highlands

Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns loved the Scottish Highlands so much that he penned a poem about them in which he professes “my heart’s in the Highlands, wherever I go”. While he’s been a long time dead (330 years, to be exact, aged just 37 at death) the memory of this larger than life character […]

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15 Things To Do In the Snow in the Cairngorms

The snow has arrived in the Cairngorms – whoop, whoop! To mark its arrival, we’ve compiled a list of snow-inspired activities for you, in addition to traditional snowsports. 1)   Make a snow angel – particularly fun if you jump out of a hot tub into the snow to do this! To find a luxury lodge […]

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Cairngorms 2019 things to do

Top 20 in 20

To celebrate the arrival of the new year and intentions for a prosperous year ahead, we’re celebrating the wealth of riches here in the magical Cairngorms by compiling our bucket-list inspired top 20 things to do in 2020. After all, who needs far-flung destinations and long, expensive flights to satisfy a craving to live your […]

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Cairngorms Winter Activities

10 of the best things to do in the Cairngorms this Winter

Forget about commercialised, so-called ‘Magic Kingdoms’, there is truly no more enchanting, beautiful a place to spend winter than the bewitching Cairngorms. Whatever the weather, with so many things to do for all the family, this wonderland will soon have you under its (cold) spell. Our top 10 picks: 1.Walking: feel like you’re in Narnia […]

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Santa and his reindeer in the Cairngorms

Christmas: Best places to see Santa and his Reindeer

Why would you schlep to Lapland, when you have a Highland winter wonderland on your UK doorstep? That’s the question on many a visitor’s lips after a Christmas break in the Cairngorms. Besides, everyone knows that Santa and his reindeer have a second home here, which is why there are so many magical opportunities to […]

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