The Cairngorms National Park have announced Santa and his reindeers have clocked on duty for the Winter. The Reindeer herders have been training the new recruits getting them ready for the Christmas winter breaks in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The Reindeer are found roaming in there open natural environment all year round.

Reindeer in the Cairngorms National Park
Satna’s Reindeer!

Cairngorms National Park is Britain’s largest National Park at over 4,500sq km, almost twice the size of the Lake District the next largest Park in the UK.The area’s mountains have shaped the people, culture, natural heritage, scenery and character and dominate the National Park as well as giving it its name. It contains four out of Scotland’s five highest mountains, is home to three of the countries ski areas and significant stretches of two of Scotland’s major rivers the Spey and the Don.

Loch Morlich and The Cairngorms
Loch Morlich and The Cairngorms

Cairngorms National Park this year have already seen the first snow coverings over it’s picture postcard branches of ancient Caledonian pine trees and stunning landscape views. The area is filled with flame haired Highland cows and reindeers with small icicles hanging from their noses, skiers and snowboarders with berry red faces, roaring log fires and a dram of whisky to warm the insides. Conjuring the perfect image of winter in the Cairngorms National Park.

The only free ranging herd of reindeer is located in The Cairngorms National Park just 6 miles from Aviemore.  The herd roam freely throughout the Cairngorms range and Glenlivet Estate.  Each of the reindeer has their own name and the team at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre can tell each one apart from the other by sight.

Daily trips run to visit these majestic creatures in the Arctic tundra of the Cairngorms  up on the mountainside, visitors  are able to meet and greet these incredibly friendly and endearing animals and feel their velvet soft noses and hand feed them in the shadow of the UK’s highest mountain plateau.

For children and adults alike the charm and beauty of the Cairngorms National Park at Christmas time is hard to beat. Many would agree that it’s the perfect place to celebrate the excitement of Christmas with the kids or celebrate Hogmanay with friends, its the ultimate Winter playground with activities, accommodation and places to eat, drink and shop. See what’s happening here.