We love love love seeing everyone’s amazing pictures of their visits to the stunning Cairngorms (and some awesome shots from people lucky enough to call themselves locals). Today we are looking at Thunder in the Glens images of the amazing event that comes to Aviemore every year celebrating all things Harley Davidson. Thunder in the Glens is the biggest rally of its kind in Europe and one of the major events in the Cairngorms. Non motorbike fans will even enjoy the spectacle and trademark “thunder” as the bikes cruise around the Cairngorms with the Saturday rideout at 12pm from Aviemore to Grantown being just one of the highlights. Just wandering around Grantown on Saturday and Aviemore throughout the weekend and enjoying the live music and soaking up the atmosphere is a must. Over 3000 bikers register for the rally although even more join in and this year they celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the event.


1.Bikes and backdrops! @kenziemun and his bike travelled up Cairngorm Mountain to take in the view. On Sunday of the rally there is another rideout to Cairngorm Mountain where the bikes amass to enjoy the stunning scenery.


2. Cairngorm Hotel puts on a good party and is one of the popular live music venues away from the main hub at Macdonald Aviemore Resort. Look out for live bands on the big truck stage and if you stay or live in Aviemore you will hear them well into the evening from afar!Β  The Winking Owl is another good place for live music over the weekend.



3. @jolenealexisrae caught the bikes passing on the road. They stretch for miles as they thunder through the valley.


4. Thunder in the Glens is a feast for the eyes in one way or another and these Stars Wars characters seem to be a regular feature! Pictured here with @silkie73


5. Even if you are not a fan of motorbikes it is great fun wandering around checking out all the different models and picking out your favourite or having a seat on one. Sometimes if you are lucky up at the main arena at Macdonald Aviemore Resort you can get a shot on the back of one. Or pose for photos! Great picture from @calumm52


6. Everywhere you go there will be bikes parked up, on the road or out taking in the views like @thelogmonkey and @reid4240 here taking advantage of the beautiful background of the River Spey.


7. At midday on the Saturday the main street of Aviemore is packed with people watching the rideout. Best not to try and do your Tesco shop at this time! @markjennings1 picked a good place to watch outside Cairngorm Mountain Sports.


8. Watching the HOG’s is great entertainment. Channeling the Hell’s Angels look but underneath they are a friendly bunch. @brandon.ideΒ  calls them #wildhogs


9. The rideout goes through to Grantown where the community put on a big welcome. You can even pick up some goodies from the Cairngorms Farmers Market as you admire the bikes. @krozmcdΒ  captured all the flags on the bikes here with people coming from all over the world to join in.


10. Hoping no one decides on a game of dominoes as the bikes are perfectly parked in Grantown!



11. Ardlogie’s Guest house’s chef @thekiltedcook captured the first of their arrivals for Harley weekend. The weekend is so popular that nearly every bed in the valley is booked up well ahead. Top tip: Book your accommodation now for next year.


12. Local Distillery, Speyside are sponsoring the event with their whisky Beinn Dubh and have released a special edition of the Ruby Black Malt.



14. Cairngorm Brewery has produced Hogswill especially for the event. Cheers!


Don’t forget to tag us in your posts #VisitCairngorms. Have a good weekend and get out exploring with your camera.

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