We have been thrilled to see the Cairngorms National Park in all its glory on the BBC Scotland documentary the #Highlands
This week we are focusing our Visit Cairngorms Social blog on the amazing wildlife we have here that has become the stars of our screens these last few weeks.

When you are out and about exploring our beautiful Cairngorms National Park keep your eyes peeled and with a little bit of luck you can see all the animals featured on the programme. The National Park is home to 25% of the UK’s threatened bird, animal and plant species.


@NeilMcIntyre3 captured this amazing shot last summer of an osprey catching a trout at Rothiemurchus The fishery on the estate is a popular spot for the ospreys and a great place to watch them fishing. You can gain access to the hide through the fishery for £5 or take part in one of their early morning osprey photography sessions . Over 14m people watched the #Highlands video of the osprey fishing at Rothiemurchus on facebook. Why not come and see it for yourself.


2. Crested Tit
The crested tit is only found in the Highland forests and the breeding population is only around 2000 pairs. @abbinora caught this brilliant picture of this bird with a very distinctive black and white crest.

Great to see these again! #crestedtit #cairngorms

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3. Black Grouse
Black Grouse are found on open moorland near forestry and have a very intrigueing behaviour known as lekking. There are a number of places in the Cairngorms where you can see this.  Local guides  can take you out to spot these amazing birds. @jamesshooterphoto is a local photographer who gets out in all conditions and captures some amazing wildlife images.


4. Red Squirrel
One of the our cutest inhabitants, you can see these all around the pine forests and I saw one on my bike ride to work this morning. You need to be quick with your camera though and @michaelhunter_photography got a great image of one on his trip to the Cairngorms. A great place to see Red Squirrels is the Potting Shed Cafe at Inshriach.


5. Mountain Hare
These animals are only found above 500m and there coats change to match the seasons. This can become a problem if there is a large snowmelt in the middle of winter and they stand out in there white coat against the heather. @abbinora caught this one sitting quiet. Look out for them throughout the year when walking in the hills.


6. Reindeer
The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is Britain’s only free-ranging herd of reindeer. They are tame and friendly but still have a wild side as we saw on the programme. The footage of the 2014 rut by Maramedia was amazing showing Gandi & Bovril’s epic fight!


7. Ptarmigan
These amazing birds change colour with the seasons and tend to be found on the arctic like landscape of the Cairngorms. You will see them when walking or skiing in the mountains but can also take the Cairngorm Funicular Railway to the top and see them there. @james.stevens.photography caught this bird in between plummage changes.


8. Red Deer
@bowbev caught a great pic of a red deer a couple of days ago. In the autumn you can hear the hills echoing with the sound of the red deer rut.


9. Pine Marten
The are elusive creatures but occasionally seen out and about. Or join a guide such as @speysidewildlife and watch these animals at dusk.

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You can see many of these animals when out exploring the Cairngorms or hire a guide or take a safari. You can also join a Ranger Event see www.visitcairngorms.com/whatson We look forward to hearing about your experiences and seeing your pictures. Tag us @visitcairngorms or #visitcairngorms

Have a brilliant bank holiday weekend and keep your eye out for wildlife.

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